The Art of Wearing Glasses

Different types of glasses are perceived in opposite ways. The lenses that people have to wear to correct their eyesight are not seen as very popular in today’s society. Even though more than fifty percent of people need some sort of correctional lens to bring their eyesight to 20/20, most people will do anything to avoid wearing glasses. Even though the “four eyes” taunt is no longer as prevalent as it used to be, the kids who do not have glasses tend to tease those that do have them regardless. It is hard to be different especially at a very young age.

Many people remember these experiences when they get older and even though glasses are much more widely accepted, these individuals will still do anything they can to avoid wearing them. When soft contact lenses were available for general consumer use in 1971, they became very popular. People no longer had to stick out for having bad vision, they could look like everyone else and not sacrifice their eyesight at the same time! Contact lenses have continually improved in quality and as a result, most people own both a pair of glasses and contacts and wear their contacts whenever they can.

The second type of glasses, sunglasses, has the complete opposite effect of regular glasses. Sunglasses are not only great for sun protection no matter what quality eyesight you have, they are also an important fashion accessory. Many movie stars and sports celebrities wear eye-catching shades that help them hide their image as well as define it. Whether it’s Vogue or Oakley sunglasses, are extremely important to keep your eyes shielded from the dangerous UV rays that can do significant damage to your cornea. Whether you are sunbathing at the beach or driving to work, you should always be sporting some high quality shades.

Unlike prescription glasses, sunglasses are considered extremely fashionable. Just as a particular brand is popular that year for shoes and another is popular for jeans, different brands are in the running for that year’s most sought after sunglasses. Make a fashion statement when you walk out wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses or the latest design shades from D&G. Either way, sunglasses are a must-have item no matter what season it is!

Prescription glasses wearers can even enjoyed stylish sunglasses even if they do not want to switch over to contact lenses. Many companies have developed prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy great looking sunglasses without giving up your vision!

Jane Worthington