Choose New Glasses Frames

Since most people keep a pair of prescription glasses for an average of two years, when it becomes necessary to choose new glasses frames, you should take your time to assure you are selecting frames that you are happy with. Many optometrists employ experts to help their patients select glasses frames based on what type of prescription lenses they need. You may also be lucky enough to get the assistance of someone who can help you choose glasses frames that are flattering as well. If you are left to your own devices though, there are few things to consider when choosing new glasses frames.

Bear in mind that, while most styles of frames accommodate any lens type, there may be some circumstances in which the frames you’ve chosen will not work with your prescription, so you may want to select two or three at first. To possibly narrow the selection, be sure to ask the optometrist to show you if there is a selection of frames that are paid for or discounted by your insurance company.

Choosing glasses frames:

Pay attention to both the shape of the frame and the color. Certain shaped frames do not flatter certain shaped faces. Those with oval faces can wear nearly any shape, but rounder faces should avoid round frames. Also, if you have small, close inset eyes or a small nose, be careful not to select frames that overpower your features. Similarly, those with square jaw lines should avoid square or boxy frames.

Since many of the same style glasses frames come in different colors, focus on selecting the proper size and shape frame before the color. If you wear your glasses continuously, you might consider neutral or muted colors rather than bold primary colors. If your personality warrants bright and bold, choose a color that will flatter your skin tone. An olive complexion might be striking with rich burgundy colored frames, while pale complexions can be accentuated with a cool, deep green color.


• Some frames are rimless, leaving only the arms to have substance and color.

• Some glasses frames have preformed bridges that eliminate the nose pads, which bother some people.

• If you are constantly removing and replacing your glasses throughout the day, you might want a pair of glasses frames with spring-hinged arms.

Whichever type of frame you choose, be sure your glasses are both comfortable and attractive. That might mean trying on several pairs. If you have trouble making decisions, there are some optical retailers who will allow you to try a pair for a period of time and exchange them if you don’t like them.


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The Art of Wearing Glasses

Different types of glasses are perceived in opposite ways. The lenses that people have to wear to correct their eyesight are not seen as very popular in today’s society. Even though more than fifty percent of people need some sort of correctional lens to bring their eyesight to 20/20, most people will do anything to avoid wearing glasses. Even though the “four eyes” taunt is no longer as prevalent as it used to be, the kids who do not have glasses tend to tease those that do have them regardless. It is hard to be different especially at a very young age.

Many people remember these experiences when they get older and even though glasses are much more widely accepted, these individuals will still do anything they can to avoid wearing them. When soft contact lenses were available for general consumer use in 1971, they became very popular. People no longer had to stick out for having bad vision, they could look like everyone else and not sacrifice their eyesight at the same time! Contact lenses have continually improved in quality and as a result, most people own both a pair of glasses and contacts and wear their contacts whenever they can.

The second type of glasses, sunglasses, has the complete opposite effect of regular glasses. Sunglasses are not only great for sun protection no matter what quality eyesight you have, they are also an important fashion accessory. Many movie stars and sports celebrities wear eye-catching shades that help them hide their image as well as define it. Whether it’s Vogue or Oakley sunglasses, are extremely important to keep your eyes shielded from the dangerous UV rays that can do significant damage to your cornea. Whether you are sunbathing at the beach or driving to work, you should always be sporting some high quality shades.

Unlike prescription glasses, sunglasses are considered extremely fashionable. Just as a particular brand is popular that year for shoes and another is popular for jeans, different brands are in the running for that year’s most sought after sunglasses. Make a fashion statement when you walk out wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses or the latest design shades from D&G. Either way, sunglasses are a must-have item no matter what season it is!

Prescription glasses wearers can even enjoyed stylish sunglasses even if they do not want to switch over to contact lenses. Many companies have developed prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy great looking sunglasses without giving up your vision!

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Save Big and Buy Cheap Prescription Glasses Online

A new trend recently covered by some major news media outlets has consumers doing a bit of hands-on window shopping at eye glasses stores, but then waiting to make their purchases online.

The reason for this phenomenon is the savings offered by online vendors.

For years the more Internet-savvy have been buying cheap prescription glasses frames online, but then had to go to their local eye glasses store to have their prescription lenses put in. And anyone who wears glasses knows that the lenses often cost more than the frames.

The biggest step forward in this new shopping trend in recent months and years is the ability now to be able to buy prescription glasses online, including the lenses, and to save on the entire package.

Finding cheap prescription glasses is not merely an act of casual frugality. Well, for some it may be. But for others, especially those with multiple children who need glasses, finding cheap prescription glasses is a financial necessity. A decent pair of glasses and lenses can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Multiplied by a few kids and that becomes a debilitative expense.

With no option but to shop at a local opticians or eye glasses store, families that need to shell out on multiple pairs of prescription glasses are usually forced to settle for cheaper brands of reduced quality. When children are involved, that typically means the glasses become scratched, worn down or broken at an accelerated rate.

For the local eye glasses business, this situation is every bit as lucrative as if the family had been able to purchase more expensive prescription glasses in the first place, as they will need to constantly repair and replace the cheaper models.

So being able to buy more expensive and sturdy glasses for the same or similar price as cheap models are offered at in brick-and-mortar stores is a cherished opportunity for many.

For others, it’s just about finding cheap prescription glasses.

Whatever your reason for searching out cheap prescription glasses (or sunglasses), it can’t hurt to try this method.

Nor is this new market limited to standard glasses. It is now easy to find cheap prescription sunglasses online as well. There is no denying the benefit of wearing sunglasses if you spend a lot of time outside, so it is highly recommended to keep a pair of prescription sunglasses in addition to your regular glasses.

So, next time you or a family member needs glasses, go get your eyes checked at the local optometrist or optician and make sure to take your prescription data with you, and then go browse and try on glasses at the nearest store. Don’t be shy, go ahead and try anything your heart desires, even the most expensive models.

When you find a few favorites, write down the makes and models, or maybe even snap a few quick pictures so you remember the look you wanted. Then have a look through online eye glasses vendors for the same makes and models, or at worst a different brand with a similar look. You may be pleasantly surprised by the savings.

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Choosing Fashion Eye Glasses

If you are having problems with your eyesight, you may have to check into the need in for glasses, either reading glasses or prescription glasses.

Are you worried about wearing glasses? You might be wondering if glasses will make you look old and drab. Well, the truth is today buying glasses is as exciting as buying new clothes. You just have to go to any shop selling eyeglasses, and you will be shocked at the variety of fashion eye glasses available. Choosing fashion eye glasses that look good on you is very easy.
Innovation and design have taken on new meanings with companies manufacturing glasses that suit every taste and style. As you walk around on the streets sporting these fashion eye glasses, you are sure to be the center of attraction.

Some of the prominent fashion eye glasses include those with slim lined glasses, stylish rimless glasses, sprightly angled glasses, round framed glasses and glasses with a bold frame which comes in a riot of colors providing a classic look.

Fashion eye glasses come with crystal clear lenses embedded in them. These glasses also have hinges with springs and are extremely comfortable to use. Did you ever imagine that you could choose from different colors of eye glasses? Well, you can. Attractive and bright colors include red, purple, green, violet, turquoise, etc.

Your personality can in fact define the type of glasses you choose. Choosing fashion eye glasses can depend on the kind of look you want to sport. Go in for the stiff and formal looking glasses if you are the studious type, or just put on the unzipped and makeover glasses if you want to look stylish.

Men can choose from an array of interesting glasses like the pop eye glasses or even the cigar glasses. A variety of expensive metals are used to make the fashion eye glasses and these metals are long lasting. They come with excellent qualities including durability, light weight, lens which is anti shatter and anti scratch. What more? These glasses protect the wearer from the UV rays too.

As you venture choosing fashion eye glasses you have to decide on the type of lens you want. You can choose from the polycarbonate plastic lens, acrylic lens or the glass lens. Lenses that are photosensitive provide the eye with constant protection from sunlight as they turn pink and keep the eye cool.

For a woman, there is no end to the exciting variety of fashion eye glasses. As a woman, you can choose eyeglasses just as you choose your jewelry, clothes and make up. An interesting variety of glasses are available in the market for you to choose from. Now you can walk around in style showing off your cool and fashionable eye glasses.

Adidas and Adistar are sports companies offering designer fashion eye glasses. These glasses add glamour to your personality and can be used while you play sports like golf too. The good quality lens does not distort distances, making them safe. These glasses come with frames which are pleasant to look at and soft to touch.

The festive season of Christmas and New Year is around the corner. Choose from a wide range of fashion eye glasses to gift your near and dear ones. They will sure be thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift from you.

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